As the going gets tougher for managers-to-be, 360 degree max gives them a reality check– with our innovative and unique 360 degree assessment for MBA students.

Why 360 feedback for MBA?

The road to success is more pleasant for early risers.
Graduates usually require several years of experience before they realize what they are doing wrong. For MBA students, it is even more crucial for them to have a 360 degree perspective of themselves so that they can overcome obstacles caused due to their own inadequacies, especially as they start off in administrative roles – which can make or mar an organization.

What are the advantages of 360 degree feedback for MBA?

A well-strategized and customized 360 assessment for MBA as done by 360 degree max can benefit both students and their institutions in that:

MBA students:

- Get a broader perspective of how they are perceived by others
- Are more aware of their competencies and find them more relevant
- Identify strengths that can be used for career development


- Are aware of their development needs
- Identify key development areas for students
- Open up feedback to provide everyone a well rounded rating of their performance

How is 360 review done for MBA?

Since 360 feedback is essentially a multi-rater feedback or a multi-source assessment process, the student is assessed by everyone with whom he/she has meaningful interaction viz., mentors, faculty, seniors, juniors, colleagues, parents, siblings etc.
A specially designed 360 evaluation questionnaire is prepared based on several competencies. The 360 feedback process itself is done anonymously so that authenticity is ensured.
The data is collected in the form of ratings by various persons against different performance dimensions.

360 Degree Max – 360 feedback for MBA with an edge

360 Degree Max is your best pick of the lot of 360 feedback service providers for a comprehensive, intelligible and simple multi-rater assessment for MBA students because:

We provide individualized reports with:

- Strength and improvement areas
- Competency scores
- Hidden strengths and blind spots
- Question/Statement scores
- Rating distribution

We don’t just help you reinforce what you already know about yourself; we tell you what potential you’ve left unexplored.

- We carry out group analysis for top management
- We are perfectly in sync with today’s young managers who don’t just recline on their chairs but are on the go – 360 degree max is perfectly compatible with your mobile or tablet. Complete your 360 feedback even without your PC without compromising on the ease and operability of the interface.
- We offer our 360 software as a complete service package that includes full administrative support throughout and regular system upgrades

Don’t wait to know yourself before you take the management reins– get your own 360 degree feedback today.