360 degree max 5D approach

Our 5D approach towards 360 degree feedback puts 360 degree max in a whole new league of 360 assessment tools.
Design your own fully customized 360 feedback tool.
Develop the specifications and the questionnaire.
Deploy feedback – quick, easy and cost-efficient.
Decipher 360 feedback with comprehensive reports.
Deliver a detailed 360 review and devise solutions with our in-house experts.

 What is 360° degree max?

360 Degree Max is your one-stop online 360 assessment tool for efficient, hassle-free and simple to obtain 360 degree feedback. Powerful, yet Easy to use. Customizable based on user need. Say no to paperwork and old-school methods. Just automate. Go online.


360 feedback with a difference. Most people looking for just the right 360 feedback software would appreciate how a few thoughtful features distinguish a great tool like 360 degree max from a conventional 360 evaluation tool. Did you realize while reading the word ‘customize’ that you can actually:
1. Pick your own 360 feedback content or use our templates?
2. Use different question types instead of a monotonous yes or no?
3. Devise your own rating scales?
4. Let your 360 feedback resonate your organization’s themes, logos and vibes?

360 feedback for MBA!

Nothing’s better than a multi rater feedback from mentors, faculty, colleagues and parents to sharpen your skills as a young manager. Learn more about our student 360 feedback program to:
1. Understand how others view your potential as a management professional.
2. Have a glimpse of how 360 feedback works
3. Get a clear report of your strengths and weaknesses as a manager – and work on them.

Do more with your 360 assessment?

This means a lot of things. We provide you resources and support in the form of experts as well as our robust technology. We analyze your feedback, tailor-make meaningful reports and debrief participants one-on-one. And online doesn’t mean we don’t do it offline too.


360 degree max reaches where most 360 assessment tools don’t, because we understand issues and offer pragmatic solutions to common problems in 360 feedback. With us,
i. Language is no barrier to a great 360 feedback.
ii. Participant assessor grouping is flexible.
iii. Take a break and finish your rating later.
iv. Review and correct feedback.
v. Involve everyone in the 360 feedback – invite through e-mail, remind, and track progress.
vi. Eliminate unfair practices with high-security single user credentials.

360 review isn’t Greek anymore!

Our reports don’t have you poring over for hours – graphs, charts, presentations and text – everything is clear as in broad daylight.
Read it, grasp it and act on it. Like the process itself, the report too is all about you. See our samples.
Not just this…
Manage multiple 360 feedback projects simultaneously, cut costs, and avail hands-on support, knowledge sharing and 24×7 access to CEO and a lot more.
Most importantly, feel in control of your 360 assessment.